Workers’ Compensation List Serve

An Electronic Mail Distribution List has been set up for members of the OSB Workers’ Compensation Section. The purpose of this list is to facilitate communication among members of the Section. The list serve is a private list: participation is open only to members who have e-mail addresses registered with OSB. Everyone in the Section is automatically signed up, but participation is not mandatory.
In an effort to continue to serve the needs of Section members, Executive Committee authorized the creation of a list serve for all members. A list serve is essentially an electronic bulk e-mail to all section members.
If you post to the list serve, you are sending an e-mail to everyone in the section. E-mails you receive from the list serve are received by all members of the Section.
Suggestions for use of the list serve include: posting thoughts on new cases, asking for referrals to attorneys or experts or other legal resources, discussion of legal research programs, sharing new information, asking questions and making suggestions for CLE’s, annual meetings, etc.
CLICK HERE for information on the use of list serve.
To post a message on the list serve, send an email to the email address designated for the list serve. Visit the Manage Your Profile tab on your OSB account dashboard, and use the List Serve Preference link, to view a list of list serves you can access. You must be a group member to participate in any bar list serve.