Welcome to the Electronic Mail Distribution List that has been set up for members of the OSB Workers Compensation Section.
The purpose of this list is to facilitate communication among members of the section. Note that this is a private list: participation is open only to section members who have e-mail addresses registered with the Bar.
In an effort to continue to serve the needs of our Section members, the Executive Committee has authorized the creation of a list serve for all Workers Compensation members.
A list serve is essentially like an electronic bulk e-mail to all section members. If you post to the list serve you are in effect sending that posting to everyone in section. The e-mails you receive from the
list serve will also be received by all members of Workers Compensation section.
Suggestions for use of the list serve include: posting thoughts on new cases, asking for referrals to attorneys or experts or other legal resources, discussion of legal research programs, sharing new
information, asking questions and making suggestions for CLE’s, annual meetings, etc.
Everyone in this section is automatically signed up on the list serve, but your participation is not mandatory. If you want out, simply unsubscribe.
The information below details how to use this list serve and/or how to stop your subscription. It is recommended that you SAVE THIS MESSAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.
Send a message to all members of the Workers Compensation section distribution list by addressing it to [email protected]
Replies are directed (by default) to the sender of the message ONLY. If you wish to send a reply to the entire list, you must change the address to: [email protected], or you can press “Reply to all”.
Send a message to [email protected] with the following in the body of your message for each type of change:
To remove yourself from the list: unsubscribe wc <your name>
To receive your message in digest form (combined into a single message sent once each day): set wc digest <your name>
Include a subject line in messages to the list, for example, Tax Clause – Wills and Trusts. When replying to a message from the digest version of the list, edit the subject line to indicate the topic of reply.
Sign your messages with your full name, firm name, and appropriate contact information. E-mail addresses alone do not provide the necessary identification. Find and use the “auto signature” feature, available with many e-mail programs.
Do not send attachments. The list serve software will not accept messages with attachments and will return your message. Consider copying and pasting the material from the attachment into your plain text message. You may want to post the information on the section web site, if one is available.
Obtain permission from the original sender before forwarding a message from this list to someone who does not subscribe to this list.
Do not post defamatory, abusive, profane, offensive or illegal materials. Avoid using the list as a personal soapbox.
If you use an autoresponder when you are away from your office, note that your autoresponse will be sent to the sender of the message only, and not to the entire list. Consider changing your subscription to the digest format while you are away from your office for an extended period
of time. See above about changing your subscription.
Facts to consider:
From an article written by Dan Duyck, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt PC in the November 2003 Construction Law Newsletter.  Electronic communications are making their way into the courtroom. Keep in mind the following: List serve messages and e-mail are not casual conversation.
Your communications are for the record and can be used to your disadvantage at trial. Be polite. Use appropriate names and avoid derogatory remarks. Limit your messages to a single subject. Always proofread your messages before sending them.
Pressing delete does not mean that the data has been deleted. Electronic data is saved in several places on your computer. Deleting data does not mean that all copies of the data have been deleted. Computer experts can recover the data stored in your computer.
This distribution list is provided as a service to members of the OSB Workers Compensation Section. Neither the OSB nor the Section are responsible for the opinions and information distributed through this list. Keep in mind that the posting of information may involve ethical
issues related to attorney-client privilege and client confidences and secrets. The information contained in the messages in this list should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. The OSB and the Section make no warranties with regard
to the accuracy or applicability to any particular use of any information distributed through this list. In no event will the OSB or the Section be liable for any damages resulting from the dissemination
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